GISlayersGIS is a powerful tool to help organizations understand and interpret their environmental data. But it is only as good as the quality of the design and the data in the system. We can help you make your GIS system an effective means of making your data come alive.

Clover Leaf has a highly-trained staff of GIS professionals with a thorough knowledge of current GIS theory and applications. We can help you with strategic planning and needs assessment for GIS, as well as the nuts and bolts of implementing and maintaining a GIS system. Whether you need help in simply troubleshooting your GIS system problems, or developing a system from the ground up, we can help you make your GIS system accurate, compliant, and most important of all: useful.

Summary of Capabilities:

•    ESRI Business Partner Authorized Developer, creating custom tools for ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, and ArcPad.
•    Development of SDSFIE-compliant geodatabases for military sites, including conversion of data from various sources
•    Aerial and remote sensed image interpretation
•    Imagery processing and analysis
•    Data conversion and data quality review
•    Spatial analysis and data integration operations
•    Design and development of maps and tabular reports
•    Installation and testing of GIS client and server software
•    Assessment of GIS hardware and software needs
•    Expertise in programming an developing mapping applications
•    Delivery of Common Installation Picture (CIP) and Sustainable Range Program (SRP) data calls
•    Collection of Global Positioning System (GPS) data using advanced equipment
•    Conduct user training courses in GPS, GIS, ESRI software, and SDSFIE compliance.


atlas-cover-clover-leafCustom GIS Application Development

Clover Leaf is your source for custom GIS application modules; we provide clients with tailored applications and focused GIS tools to work with data in an efficient way. Programs like ArcGIS may be too complex for an end user to learn and utilize efficiently. Custom applications can allow daily GIS processes to be accomplished without extensive knowledge of the GIS program.

Our programmers have created small embedded modules in a website or on a desktop; specialized toolbars that launch customized geoprocessing tools and models for specific client applications; and custom programs or user interfaces with a unique look and feel. Clover Leaf programmers use ESRI development tools such as ArcObjects and database platforms such as MS Access and SQL Server.


GEMSGeographic Environmental Management System (GEMS)

Clover Leaf personnel have performed software development and system management of the Geographic Environmental Management System (GEMS) for our clients. The GEMS system is based on ESRI ArcMap, ArcGIS Server, and ArcSDE/Oracle that contains and displays all environmental GIS data for a client, and provides queryable links to non-GIS databases. Specific project activities have included software and hardware integration of legacy GIS systems within organizations, and creating links between the combined GIS system and various non-GIS Oracle database systems such as corporate Oracle NEPA and Sample Management databases. The systems have been tied together using a heavily customized version of ESRI ArcMap for desktop display and database querying.

Tasks involve creating a web-based GIS interface using ESRI ArcGIS server and Microsoft Silverlight, and performing a conversion of all GIS data from NAD27 to NAD83. Tools used include: for GIS work, ESRI and Microsoft tools have been used exclusively. ArcMap 9 with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) has been the basic platform for desktop development. ArcCatalog 9 has been used for managing GIS data and metadata. ArcSDE 9 with Oracle 10 has been used for GIS data storage. ArcGIS Server 10 has been used for creating web services for consumption by web applications. Development has taken place in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Within that IDE Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft .NET, the ESRI ArcGIS Server Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), and Microsoft Expression Blend 4 have been used to create the web viewer application.

Geodatabase Clover Leaf SolutionsGeodatabase Design, Development, and Implementation

A successful database requires careful planning and implementation. Clover Leaf programmers understand relational database theory and work with client needs to develop applications that are fundamentally sound, stable, and intuitive.

Whether it is a Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE) compliant personal geodatabase or an enterprise-wide application, we have experience working with both large and small volumes of GIS data and can provide suggestions on the best way to store and manage your data. Clover Leaf professionals take pride in working closely with clients to provide them exactly what they need.

Farmington Map Clover Leaf SolutionsGIS Data from Raster Imagery

Raster images, whether aerial photography, satellite images or scanned maps, provide a robust source for GIS data development. Clover Leaf’s GIS professionals use state-of-the-art technology to convert raster data to GIS layers, which meet the client’s spatial data standards.

Working with subject area experts and the client, Clover Leaf GIS professionals can extract data from images, such as boundaries, road areas or centerlines, vegetation, and land use. We use digital elevation models (DEM) and LiDAR images to create stream models and elevation contours. Scanned as-builts and facility maps can be converted to GIS vector layers. All data developed by Clover Leaf includes Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) compliant metadata and is created to client specifications.

GPA Surveying Clover Leaf SolutionsGPS Surveying and New Data Creation

GPS surveying represents the cornerstone of GIS data collection in the field. Clover Leaf has extensive experience using Trimble survey grade equipment with a variety of collection platforms from Pathfinder Office to TerraSync and ESRI’s ArcPad. Clover Leaf staff understand the accuracy requirements set down by the FGDC for feature data development in a GIS and will build datasets accordingly, both to meet client accuracy requirements and to make sure they maintain compliance with all associated regulations. Clover Leaf can, also, create custom data dictionaries and attribute collection tools for clients, so that they can collect attribute data directly into the SDSFIE standard. Such tools remove the guess work on which layer to use and what value is valid for a domain field.

Compliance with Spatial Data Standards

Clover Leaf understands the GIS spatial data standards the DoD must maintain. The DoD requires all GIS data to be compliant with the latest version of SDSFIE, to contain FGDC metadata, and to meet FGDC accuracy requirements. Clover Leaf personnel have extensive experience in migrating GIS data to meet those standards.

From converting AutoCAD and MicroStation drawings to upgrading existing GIS data from older versions of SDSFIE and older ESRI data formats, Clover Leaf can upgrade GIS data to meet any spatial data requirements. Clover Leaf can, also, evaluate existing data sets for compliance with current standards and provide a summary report describing the steps necessary to achieve compliance.

sanfran2User Training

Clover Leaf can also provide on-site training to clients on any topics related to ESRI software, GIS, GPS, and SDSFIE compliance. Clover Leaf believes in multi-media presentations, allowing participants both demonstrations and hands-on experience. On-site training sessions typically use a combination of PowerPoint presentations, live demonstrations, and training exercises where students work through the concepts themselves. Where possible, Clover Leaf prefers to use the client’s own GIS data for the demonstrations and exercises. Training can be conducted on the client’s own equipment or on equipment we provide, depending on the course requirements, class size, and available resources. All courses are customized to the participants’ level of understanding.

ESRI Silver Partner Clover Leaf SolutionsESRI Partner

Clover Leaf is an ESRI Business Partner Authorized Developer. We execute various design and programming tasks to customize and extend ArcGIS capabilities, including the creation of custom tools and applications for ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, and ArcPad.

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