monitorClover Leaf specializes in providing health and safety services to a broad array of organizations—from large Department of Energy and Department of Defense facilities, to smaller commercial clients—and works on projects of varying scopes and time frames. We have a large team of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) and Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) backed up by additional Industrial Hygienists and Safety Professionals.

We specialize in:

  • Industrial Hygiene and Safety
  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance
  • Asbestos and Lead Management
  • Database Development and Management for Health & Safety
  • Customized H&S Training & Materials
  • Corporate Health & Safety Plans
  • Confined Space
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Monitoring, Sampling & Analsyis for Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Noise, Non-ionizing Radiation, Ergonomics
  • Work Planning & Controls
  • Site Health and Safety Plans
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Customized Training Programs

Our real specialty though, is personal, customized, high-quality service. Our goal is to build trust and respect with our clients, and to reach beyond their expectations. See how Clover Leaf can help you identify, evaluate, and control your occupational hazards.

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asbestos1Asbestos, Lead and Beryllium Management Services

Clover Leaf has a highly experienced team of industrial hygienists and safety professionals to help you ensure your asbestos and lead containing materials are managed to protect workers and the public. We are experts at managing asbestos in-place, as well as representing owners to monitor asbestos or lead abatement. We are also experts with DOE Beryllium rule 10 CFR 851-Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program. Learn more about our asbestos, beryllium and lead management services.

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Occupational Exposure Assessments (OEAs)


Clover Leaf is a national leader in Occupational Exposure Assessments (OEAs) for DOE national laboratories. Clover Leaf has performed over 2000 Occupational Exposure Assessments (OEAs) for our various governmental and commercial clients. Because we are extremely experienced with these assessments, we are able to effectively:

  • Evaluate the health and safety of operations
  • Define where monitoring is required
  • Determine the need for exposure control methods (such as personal protective equipment) or recommend improvements to existing controls
  • Provide clear documents that demonstrate compliance with mandated regulations

In 2006, Clover Leaf was contracted to assist Sandia National Laboratories with performing baseline OEAs for the entire facility. Our staff was instrumental in ensuring that OEAs based on the the AIHA strategy applied in a research & development environment. We provided staff to ensure every activity at Sandia was baselined during this 2-year effort. In 2008, Clover Leaf provided the technical support during the LANL baseline OEA effort. We provided technical guidance as well as 5 Q-cleared CIHs to support the baseline project. Clover Leaf continues to support OEA efforts at LANL with onsite CIHs at several facilities. We have also supported OEA projects at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the DOE National Training Center.

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Department of Energy (DOE) Capabilities

DOE Clover Leaf

Clover Leaf Specializes in Health & Safety compliance for the Department of Energy. We have worked extensively with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia), and with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the DOE National Training Center. Our understanding of unique DOE requirements allows us to provide exceptional service to our DOE clients. Clover Leaf has been an integral part of Baseline Occupational Exposure Assessments (as required by 10 CFR 851 – Worker Safety and Health Program) at both Sandia and Los Alamos.

site2Site Industrial Hygiene & Safety Support

Since 2005, Clover Leaf has been providing site Industrial Hygiene & Safety services, in some cases with round-the-clock monitoring support. Our clients include companies like Hensel Phelps, Marvel Eastern Productions, and G&K Services. We have extensive experience in site safety support following both OSHA and DOE requirements.

Our primary mission is to provide high value Safety and Health services with skilled on-site professionals who are backed by our corporate Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) and Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs). In the instances where a specialist’s professional direction is needed, our field staff has an immediate ability to call a CSP or CIH for support.

Our projects range from extensive technical support for multi-year projects, to small short-term support. For example, for Marvel, we provided 45 days of on-site IH support for all New Mexico, Ohio and Pennsylvania locations on “The Avengers” film.

SNL Safety Basis Support

Since 2009, Clover Leaf has been providing ES&H support to the Safety Basis Program at Sandia National Laboratories with multiple staff members. Clover Leaf assists the Safety Basis Program to ensure facility risks are properly assessed to ensure that operations can be conducted safely. This involves:

  • Performing readiness reviews of facility start-ups.
  • Review of Primary Hazard Screening (PHS) submittals by line customers as part of their Authorization Basis.
  • Development of accurate PHS questionnaires.
  • Safety Basis support to line customers throughout SNL to ensure the Authorization Basis is performed properly.
  • Performing Air Quality modeling of facility hazards.

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