main-asbestos-removal Clover LeafClover Leaf Solutions has a broad array of experience performing asbestos, lead and beryllium management services for our clients. We are experts at representing owners and providing critical oversight for asbestos and lead abatement projects, making sure work is performed to strict standards, to ensure protection of workers. We are also experienced in managing asbestos and lead in-place with comprehensive operations and management (O&M) plans including regular inspections, sampling, and data and record management. Our diverse team of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) and AHERA-trained experts can help large and small owners alike manage their asbestos and lead, no matter the situation. We also have many experienced IHs who have extensive experience with DOE Beryllium rule criteria.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Asbestos Support Services

Los Alamos National Lab Clover LeafClover Leaf provides asbestos subject matter experts (SMEs) that are presently working with the Construction Safety Team to support construction, demolition and remediation projects throughout Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Clover Leaf staff is also deployed to specific facility operating areas at LANL. We provide CIHs and CSPs to oversee field operations. Our roles include:

  • Identify possible asbestos containing material (ACM) or lead containing material (LCM), perform bulk sampling of materials, enter results into management databases, develop asbestos abatement plans and provide oversight of abatement projects.
  • Provide direction to LANL construction and maintenance personnel dealing with legacy ACM and work to implement the laboratory’s Asbestos Policies and Procedures.
  • Perform compliance air sampling for asbestos workers, area sampling during work activities, and clearance sampling on projects performed by subcontractors and maintenance workers.

Examples of asbestos, lead & beryllium projects at LANL

excavationTA-21 Manhattan Project Chemical Waste Landfill

A 2-year remediation site where asbestos, lead, beryllium and other waste was uncovered from the landfill and removed from the ground. Clover Leaf wrote and implemented the site-specific health and safety plan for this project, and managed the day-to-day implementation of the plan, and provided health and safety oversight to subcontractors performing remediation and abatement. We managed IH sampling, analysis, interpretation of results, sample database management and notification of employees. Containers labeled with Be-containing material were also uncovered during the project, requiring sampling, biological monitoring, and compliance of project activities with DOE 10 CFR 850-CBDPP. Lead was also a hazard of concern, and samples of paint, soil, and other materials that had a potential for LCM were collected, as well as air samples to test for airborne lead during remediation activities.


An aging nuclear materials research facility going through extensive mothballing with ACM throughout the facility. Clover Leaf has been deployed to CMR to support ACM assessments and removals from roofing material to floor tiles. We also performed an Asbestos Program Implementation Review, and findings are being used by management to assess gaps in policy/procedures for asbestos program management at LANL.

TA-3 Administration Building

Demolition of a 300,000 square foot derelict building with extensive ACM throughout. Clover Leaf reviewed the project-specific asbestos abatement plan in accordance with LANL Policy on this 9-month project, then performed oversight of building demolition. The administration building had a wide range of asbestos containing material, from window glazing to floor tile.

demoTA-18 Demolition of Cold War Era Structures.

For the past two years the Clover Leaf staff has also been active in the TA-18 Demolition project. Each building has ACM ranging from thermal insulation to asbestos wrapped electrical wiring. We provided direction to the project from the initial identification of asbestos material through the abatement process to final disposition and disposal of the asbestos materials. The Clover Leaf staff was also tasked with identifying lead-contaminated material and approving or developing lead abatement plans for the project.

LANL TA-8 Anchor West

Clover Leaf is currently providing Safety Management & Oversight for a subcontractor reconstruction project at LANL TA-8 (Anchor West Site). The asbestos abatement portion of the project consists of removal of 600 linear feet of thermal system insulation, 565 ft2 (60-70% ACM) of corrugated ceiling insulation, and 100 ft2 (30-40% ACM) laminated flooring. Clover Leaf is overseeing the abatement subcontractor to ensure that the planning and procedures are followed per contractor procedures and plans, OSHA/EPA/State of NM requirements, and all LANL related asbestos abatement procedures. All inspections and oversight include:

  • Set up of equipment and PPE requirements
  • Verification of required training
  • DOP Test completions
  • Ventilation and test verification of enclosures and glove bags prior to abatement
  • Signage and barricading
  • Decontamination set up, disposal, and clean up
  • Verification of sampling requirements and sampling completion
  • Oversee handling, disposal, labeling, and storage of contaminated material

BEBeryllium Data Validation Support

Clover Leaf provided CIHs with beryllium (Be) experience to support validation of Be data throughout LANL. LANL performs various Be-related work, which is subject to DOE Rule 10 CFR 850 – Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program. Clover Leaf provided Q-cleared CIHs with many years of experience in dealing with Be-related issues at DOE facilities to assist with this effort. These CIHs supported the following initiatives:


  • Be Extent of Condition (EOC) information collection and sampling surveys in Spring 2009.
  • Development of Be sampling plans for the EOC.
  • Assistance with developing Be Field Validation Forms and Be Hazard Assessment Forms.
  • Field verification of Be data collected during the EOC surveys.
  • Data entry and management of Be samples collected during the project.

Sigma OSPUP IH Support and SM-39 Beryllium Data Compilation

Clover Leaf is provided Q-cleared CIH support for the OSPUP project at TA-3 Building 66, and compilation of IH beryllium sampling data at SM-39. Clover Leaf’s significant previous experience with beryllium assessments was utilized to support implementation of a beryllium health and safety support plan that must be implemented along with associated work control documents. IH support included IH exposure monitoring for beryllium, surface sampling, and assessment of beryllium contamination profiles at the facility. A detailed data overlay map identifying levels of surface contamination within SM-39 was developed to correlate with air sampling data. A plan was developed to manage existing areas of facility contamination to control exposure of workers to beryllium.