Clover Leaf Solutions, Inc. is a leader in providing high-level consulting services for environmental, health and safety, information technology, and construction management & inspection services. Our recent and current clients include the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, numerous state Army National Guards, NOAA, universities, and commercial clients such as Hess and DuPont.


Company History

John Killoran, Cynthia Brown and Matt Custer launched Clover Leaf in 2005. Each brings their respective talents and experience from backgrounds in environmental, industrial hygiene and safety, and technology. Their complementary skills allowed them to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to clients. As the business grew, they added construction management and inspection services and received software patents for exciting new technologies. By providing consistently outstanding service, Clover Leaf has grown to more than 80 professionals, headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, with offices located across the nation.


Clover Leaf offers experienced, highly trained and innovative professionals.

We can help you assess the complex challenges of your organization –

and develop creative solutions that will exceed your expectations.


Our Management

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